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Versace 2021 Sunglasses



VERSACE VE 2021 Sunglasses

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Elegant VERSACE Designer Sunglasses

Fashionable! VERSACE Designer Sunglasses. Great with your dress-up attire.

The Versace collection traces back to 1991. The origianl collection was intended for men and focused on the American market. The positive and immediate reception lead to widespread world distribution.

In 2009 the Versace Collection for women was launched.

The Versace Collection for both men and women addresses the needs of a clientele who desire to dress with style and individuality.

Here we have selected and displayed some of the more popular VERSACE sunglasses for you to chose from, along with online buying locations to make your shopping easy.

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VERSACE VE 4044 B Sunglasses

VERSACE VE 4179 Sunglasses

Versace Sunglasses 4044b
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Click to Purchase: Amazon   Ebay

VERSACE VE2054 Sunglasses

VERSACE 2040 Color 116613 Sunglasses

Versace 2054 Sunglasses
Versace 2040 Sunglasses
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Click to purchase: Overstock   Amazon   Ebay

Versace Sunglasses VE2101 Black/Grey

Versace VE 4187 Sunglasses

Versace VE2101 Sunglasses
Versace VE4187 Sunglasses
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Click to purchase: Amazon   Ebay  

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Stylish VERSACE Sunglasses to Compliment Your Attire

Dress up with style with the added accessory of Versace Sunglasses. Designed for those who choose to express their confidence, strength and uniqueness through a distincitive and bold personal style.

Versace 2021 Sunglasses (shown above)

  • NA/gold brown gradient
  • Gender: Unisex
  • Metal Frame
  • Plastic Lens
  • Non-polarized
  • Lens width: 60 millimeters
  • Made in Italy
  • Model VE2021
  • Real attention getter

Versace VE4179 Sunglasses (shown above)

  • 100% Authentic Genuine Versace Sunglasses
  • Includes Case and Materials
  • 1 year warranty against manufacturer defect
  • Satisfaction Assurance - Full Refund or Exchange within 30 days - no questions asked

Versace VE2101 Sunglasses (shown above)

  • Metal, Shield Frame
  • Glass Lens
  • Non-polarized
  • Lens color: Grey
  • Frame color: Black
  • Gender: Woman
  • Bridge: 1.0 millimeters
  • Arm: 136.00 millimeters
  • 2.00" high
  • Size: 136mm

Versace Sunglasses for Men and Women

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